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Liturgical Roles

Liturgical MinistriesRecognizing the centrality of the Eucharist in the life and vitality of our parish family as noted in last week’s Ministry Spotlight on the importance, dedication and need for volunteers for our Music Ministry, this week we focus on the other ministries that enable our worship of God to be an authentic and personal encounter with Jesus inspiring all present to full, conscious, and active participation.

Liturgy is not the sole work of the presider or celebrate, it is the work of the baptized. In the celebration of Mass the faithful form a holy people, a people of God’s own possession and a royal Priesthood, so that they may give thanks to God and offer the unblemished sacrificial Victim not only by means of the hands of the Priest but also together with him and so that they may learn to offer their very selves. The faithful, moreover, should not refuse to serve the People of God in gladness whenever they are asked to perform some particular service or function in the celebration.

As we learned last week, each is called to be engaged in the “parts” of the liturgy that are proper to them. All should not only have a sense of knowing what they are doing, but seek to take it to heart, to embody, what is said in the prayers, sung in the music and done in the sacraments.

It is good to list these ministries and what their responsibilities are:

Lectors or Readers proclaim the first and second readings at Sunday Mass, and/or first reading at weekday Masses. They also serve as acolytes (altar servers) at the daily masses. Preparatory material helps the lector to prayerfully prepare the readings ahead of time; and to proclaim the Word of God in a reverent manner to the congregation. Lectors also read the Introduction at beginning of Mass and, at times, the intercessions (Universal Prayer). Lectors also participate in various other events when readers are needed.

Ushers and Greeters serve at Sunday, Holy Day and special parish liturgies, greeting parishioners on their way into Mass, assisting parishioners with finding seats, assisting with the offertory collection and gifts procession, taking part in the offertory procession, and supervising the safety and other needs of the congregation. Ushers may be male or female.

Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion are commissioned to assist the priest at Mass with the distribution of the Body and Blood of Christ to the faithful. Outside of liturgical celebrations they distribute communion to the homebound, Riverview Hospital and local nursing homes.

Sacristans help keep the church clean. Wash and iron altar and Communion linens. We will be inviting sacristans set-up the church and altar for weekend and Holy Day Masses. Training will be provided.

All young parishioners in grades 4 through high school are invited to become Altar Servers. Altar Servers assist the clergy in the performance of all Sacred Ceremonies at the Sunday, Holy Day, and wedding liturgies. All Altar Servers are required to attend initial training sessions before being scheduled to serve Mass. Servers are expected to take responsibility for showing up when scheduled, arriving early, dressing neatly, and serving with the utmost reverence. This is an important ministry that welcomes all who are willing to make this special commitment to serve at the altar of the Lord.

Catechists for Children’s Liturgy of the Word during our 10:30 am Mass help children ages 3 to 7 to appreciate the scripture proclaimed at Mass. Following the introductory rites the children are dismissed as group and through age appropriate instruction reflect together on the gospel for the current week. They rejoin the assembly following the offertory procession. Materials are provided to the catechists.

Do you feel a call to serve? Do you wish to participate in any of our Liturgical Ministries to adore, worship and serve God? Be it the Liturgy of the Word, or the Liturgy of the Eucharist, or even many of our behind the scenes ministries, we could use your help. Please pray on it, search your heart and let us know how you wish to serve and do “the work of the people.”  If you are interested in any of these ministries please contact the parish office (732-741-0500) or click below for more information.